Water Treatment Systems: Do I Need One?

Does your water have a funny, rotten egg-like smell to it? Does it leave white build-up on shower doors or white, crystallized stains around shower heads?

Does your sink or toilet have reddish stains? What about your dishwasher?

Blue-green stains in your sink or tub? That is copper sulfate and is evidence of the water thinning the copper. In time you will start to develop pinholes in your water pipes if you do not treat the sulfates.

If any of these things are found in your home, chances are you would benefit from some sort of water treatment.
But before you run out and spend money on any filters or fancy systems, get an in-home water test done.

JR Snider will conduct the tests and share the results FREE OF CHARGE. A good water test result will tell you several important things, including your water’s pH, whether you have iron (and if so what type–ferric or ferrous), and what types of dissolved solids (such as calcium or manganese) are present.

Once these details are established, recommendations can be made on what type of treatment or system would be most effective for you.