Water Heaters

Every home needs hot water—that’s where your hot-water heater comes in. We sell and service all types of hot water heaters. We also ensure your hot-water heater is appropriately sized—many houses have under-sized heaters. This leads to cold showers, and unhappy family members.

Instant hot water—yes, we can do that!

Getting hot water from your taps instantly isn’t impossible. It simply requires installing a hot-water re-circulation system. Basically, it is a pump that speeds delivery of hot water from your tank to your tap. We install these for many of our customers. If you want to end the wait for hot water, and would be happy to give you more information. Do you already have a hot-water recirculation system? We service and maintain them, too!

If you have questions about our sump pump services or would like to request an appointment please contact us today.

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We install and maintain sump pumps for many of our customers. If you’re looking for a new system, we can evaluate your needs—from the size of the pump(s) to ensuring the system has appropriate redundancy (such as backup power). If you already have one, we can keep it in top running order with regular maintenance visits.

Types of Hot Water Heaters—you have choices!

Electric Water Heaters

We proudly stock Bradford White electric water heaters. Recent regulatory changes have made the electric water heater much more efficient. Call today about reducing your energy bills!

Gas Heaters

Designed to give you more hot water for the money, these durable heaters provide years of dependable service.

Heat Pump (Hybrid) Water Heaters

If you are interested in saving money, the hybrid heater is the way to go! It costs less to operate, saving you on average of $320 every year! Over 10 years, that adds up to $3,200 vs. a standard electric heater. Also, the hybrid heater may qualify for a federal tax credit, and many rebates.

Tankless Heaters

A tankless water heater only heats water when you need it. This means you are not constantly reheating the same tank of water. So you get an endless source of hot water and save money at the same time!

Free Water Test

Did you know that contaminated water can put a strain on your plumbing—as well as your body?

JR Snider will conduct an in-home water test and share the results FREE OF CHARGE.

A good water test result will tell you several important things, including your water’s pH, whether you have iron (and if so what type–ferric or ferrous), and what types of dissolved solids (such as calcium or manganese) are present.

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If you're worried about payment, don’t be. We’re always willing to work with our customers to find ways to get the job done and meet your needs.

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