– Treating your water, utilizing water softeners and whole-house filter systems, can remove minerals  and harmful  contaminants including rust, sediment, chlorine, lead, sulfate, arsenic and more. Plus it smells and tastes better.

– Do you know how hot your water is?  Anything over 126 degrees is wasting energy and could cause scalding.
– Pour a 5 gallon bucket of water into your sump pump pit to make sure your sump pump works before the next big storm.
– In the winter–keep all basement and crawl space vents and doors closed.  Also, make sure to unscrew hoses from hose bibs so they drain properly to prevent freezing.
– In the Spring, with Spring rains coming, this is the time to make sure gutter discharge drains are clear.  If they drain to underground piping, you can run a water hose in each one for about 10 minutes to make sure they are not clogged.
– Pour a 1/2 cup of vegetable oil down unused drains to keep them from getting a “dry trap,” which can cause an odor.
– In the Spring, before turning on outside faucets for the first time, check to make sure there is no leak.

– Do this:

– remove any hoses that are attached and place your finger over the end of the spigot.  Turn the water on slowly.  You should feel pressure against your finger.  If you don’t, turn the water off and call us.  A lack of pressure means the water is escaping somewhere else–probably through a broken pipe somewhere in the house.  This test is especially vital if you’ve left hoses attached to your spigots all winter!

– Do you have heaters in watering troughs? Unplug them and make sure they are in working order, so they will be ready for the next deep freeze.
– Stop flooding before it occurs.  We can install a WaterCop.  This system has an automatic shut-off valve and sensors that close the valve when any leaks are detected, preventing floods and water damage.
– If you have blue or turquoise stains on your sinks, it could be the result of copper sulfate slowly eating away at the pipes.  This could lead to leaks on your copper plumbing.  A member of our team can recommend a solution.
– If you have unpleasant odors in your water, we can recommend a water conditioner that will leave you free to enjoy fresh, clean water.
– In the summer–while you are checking your central air system, check your condensate drains and pans to make sure they are not clogged.
– Save water when watering your yard.  Install an underground irrigation system versus using a hose.  This not only saves water, but will keep your yard healthy and green.