Sump Pumps

Sump pumps keep basements, garages, and other lower-levels of structures dry, and are usually the first line of defense against a flood. That means they need to work when they’re needed—or else!

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We install and maintain sump pumps for many of our customers. If you’re looking for a new system, we can evaluate your needs—from the size of the pump(s) to ensuring the system has appropriate redundancy (such as backup power). If you already have one, we can keep it in top running order with regular maintenance visits.

Free Water Test

Did you know that contaminated water can put a strain on your plumbing—as well as your body?

JR Snider will conduct an in-home water test and share the results FREE OF CHARGE.

A good water test result will tell you several important things, including your water’s pH, whether you have iron (and if so what type–ferric or ferrous), and what types of dissolved solids (such as calcium or manganese) are present.

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Payment Options

If you're worried about payment, don’t be. We’re always willing to work with our customers to find ways to get the job done and meet your needs.

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