Well Pump Services

Pump protectors.  By far the best well pump insurance available, this device shuts down your wellwell-tank-and-Goulds-pump-WEB pump should you run out of water. You can’t afford to be without one! We feel so strongly about pump protectors that we make them a mandatory part of our pump installations.

High-flow systems. Many people who complain about “low pressure” really mean “low flow.” Our new high-flow systems improve water flow and provide constant pressure from your existing pump.

Constant-pressure systems. Constant Pressure Systems are a simple, efficient product that allows homeowners to boost and maintain water pressure. The CPS eliminates water cycling in city/municipal water systems and is also ideal for systems with low producing wells or cistern applications. It installs into the existing water system and monitors the water usage of the home, providing increased and consistent water pressure without fluctuation.

Sump Pumpssump-pump-1

Battery backup sump pumps. A flooded basement can ruin more than just your day; it can ruin your belongings. We have battery backup sump pumps in stock ready for purchase or in the event of a power outage.

High-water alarms. Ideal for trouble basements, these alarms will warn you of rising waters.


Pressure TanksWell-Pressure-Tank-Bladder-Type

If you notice “water surging” when you shower, you may have a problem with your tank’s pre-charged bladder.



A drain doesn’t have to back up to be an annoyance. Slow drains can test your patience just as well.Drain-Cleaning

Water conditioning systems. Our systems are among the best and most reliable available. In many cases, we use a drain camera to make sure the drain is clean, not just clear. We also offer the best and safest drain cleaner on the market to ensure your drains stay clean.

Video inspections. Using this technology, we can evaluate drainfields and locate septic tanks as well as determine the risk of root penetration.


Water Purification/Treatment

No one should have to deal with poor water quality. Give us a call; our water conditioning systems are among the best and most reliable available.

Types of systems and the problems they solve:

Acid Neutralizers. Blue-green staining, thinning pipes, lots of pinhole leaks.

– Water Softeners. White crusty buildup.
– Iron Filters. Red stains, sulphur (rotten egg) smell.
– Sediment Filters. Washing machine filling slowly; clogged aerators on sinks.
– Ultraviolet (UV) lights. Bacteria like E. coli.
– Reverse-osmosis drinking water system. Replaces the need for bottled water.

Water Heaters

Many homes have undersized water heaters. Don’t suffer through another cold shower. When you turn on the hot tap, it should be hot! Running water until it gets hot wastes water, energy, and money!

Call us to explain the auto hot water circulator, the most cost-effective way to improve hot water circulation and eliminate the wait.

Electric water heaters. We proudly stock Bradford White electric water heaters. Recent regulatorywater_heaters changes have made the electric water heater much more efficient. Call today about reducing your energy bills!

Gas heaters. Designed to give you more hot water for the money, these durable heaters provide years of dependable service.

Heat pump (Hybrid) water heaters. If you are interested in saving money, the hybrid heater is the way to go! It costs less to operate, saving you on average of $320 every year! Over 10 years, that adds up to $3,200 vs. a standard electric heater. Also, the hybrid heater qualifies for a $300 federal tax credit and many rebates.

Tankless heaters. A tankless water heater only heats water when you need it so you are not constantly reheating the same tank of water. So you get an endless source of hot water and save money at the same time!


Plumbing Fixtures/Upgrades

Old, sluggish toilets. Ugly faucets…We can replace them, whether you supply the fixture or we do.