• Water Treatment Options

    No one should have to deal with poor water quality.
    Our water conditioning systems are among the best and most reliable available.

    Ultraviolet (UV) Lights – There’s a lot of complex science behind the process of UV water purification, but the idea is quite simple. Water runs through the steel chamber where it is exposed to the UV light, which deactivates bacteria and waterborne pathogens. Then the water is safe to consume. (Find out more)

    Reverse-osmosis Drinking Water System – Soft water is excellent for cleaning, showering, and laundry. However, some people would rather not drink it. Depending on how hard your water is to start with, it could still have high total dissolved solids (TDS), which can negatively affect the taste. That’s because the hard minerals are replaced by sodium, and there may be other contaminants in your water that a softener will not remove.

    A reverse osmosis system can remove that sodium along with other contaminants and dissolved solids, which makes a water softener and an R.O. system an ideal combination for most homes. (Read our blog post to learn more)

    Whole House Chlorine Removal System – Chlorine protects water from bacteria until you’re ready to drink it–like the plastic wrap on packaged food. But you don’t eat food wrappers, right? So why should you drink chlorine? Our affordable systems safely remove chlorine after it has done its job, and before you enjoy your water!

  • Types of systems and the problems they solve:
    Acid Neutralizer –  Blue-green staining, thinning pipes, lots of pinhole leaks.

    Water Softeners – White crusty buildup.

    Iron Filters – Red stains, sulphur (rotten egg) smell.

    Sediment Filters – Washing machine filling slowly; clogged aerators on sinks.

General Plumbing

    • Sewer repair & replacement
    • Drain cleaning
    • Fixture Replacement | Faucets, Toilets
    • Septic evaluations for both conventional & alternative systems
    • Well pump repair & replacements
    • Septic & sump pump repairs & replacements
    • Water heater repairs & replacements both gas & electric
    • Gas pipe repair & replacement
    • Residential & ADA toilet repair & replacement
    • Gas log set installation only
    • Underground water service pipe repair & replacement
    • Directional boring for underground water service replacement
    • Tankless water heater repairs , replacement or new retrofit
    • Water softeners, water neutralizes, iron filtration systems, ultra violet lights carbon filters, chlorine removal, reverse osmosis drinking water systems
    • Real estate septic evaluations
    • Real estate well water yield tests & potability tests
    • Pressure tank repair & replacement
    • Water cop regional dealer ( google water cop )
    • Garbage disposal repair & replacement
    • Toto washlet toilet seat installation ( bidet )
    • Toto comfort height toilet installations
    • Automatic livestock water troughs both electric & non-electric
    • Yard hydrant repair & replacement
    • Septic tank & distribution box replacements
    • Roof & storm drain systems installation & repair
    • ADA shower stall installations

Water Heaters

Many homes have undersized water heaters. Don’t suffer through another cold shower. When you turn on the hot tap, it should be hot! Running water until it gets hot wastes water, energy, and money!

Call us to explain the auto hot water circulator, the most cost-effective way to improve hot water circulation and eliminate the wait.

Electric Water Heaters
We proudly stock Bradford White electric water heaters. Recent regulatorywater_heaters changes have made the electric water heater much more efficient. Call today about reducing your energy bills!

Gas Heaters
Designed to give you more hot water for the money, these durable heaters provide years of dependable service.

Heat Pump (Hybrid) Water Heaters
If you are interested in saving money, the hybrid heater is the way to go! It costs less to operate, saving you on average of $320 every year! Over 10 years, that adds up to $3,200 vs. a standard electric heater. Also, the hybrid heater qualifies for a $300 federal tax credit and many rebates.

Tankless Heaters
A tankless water heater only heats water when you need it so you are not constantly reheating the same tank of water. So you get an endless source of hot water and save money at the same time!

Pressure TanksWell-Pressure-Tank-Bladder-Type

Low water pressure generally is not a problem, but it can be quite annoying. Your showers may be unsatisfying and some of your appliances may not perform as well. There also could be a whistling sound coming from your pipes.
If low water pressure is an issue for you, we can help diagnose the problem and explain options and costs.


A drain doesn’t have to back up to be an annoyance. Slow drains can test your patience just as well.Drain-Cleaning

Water Conditioning Systems
Our systems are among the best and most reliable available. In many cases, we use a drain camera to make sure the drain is clean, not just clear. We also offer the best and safest drain cleaner on the market to ensure your drains stay clean.

Video Inspections
Using this technology, we can evaluate drainfields and locate septic tanks as well as determine the risk of root penetration.

Plumbing Fixtures/Upgrades

Old, sluggish toilets. Ugly faucets…
We can replace them, whether you supply the fixture or we do.