JR Snider Helps Local Seniors Stay in Their Homes Longer
JR Snider has developed a niche among Northern Virginia plumbers in supporting the senior citizen’stub choice to “age in place.” Owner Joey Snider explains, “Living at home provides dramatic benefits. It encourages independence, preserves dignity and prolongs life—ultimately leading to an overall improvement in a person’s quality of life.”

Research recently released from Johns Hopkins underscores the point, concluding that even minor household improvements can keep a senior citizen in home longer—for up to 13 months.

As part of his overall commitment to the community, Joey Snider has set out to understand how to modify a home’s plumbing to accommodate the needs of an aging resident:

  • Walk-in tubs and/or showers
  • Handheld shower units
  • Raised toilets
  • Faucets that are easily manipulated with a single hand or arthritic hands
  • Anti-scald devices