Our Team

In the Field

Our team in the field
Joey and Kristi
Meet Brad Drawdy - Brad has been one of Snider’s Riders for 15 years . Brad enjoys his family and bringing a small farmette  back to life in his spare time. He is a Field Supervisor and wears several hats throughout his work day. Brad will make you feel very comfortable quickly. He’s a Master Plumber . Brad is a confident problem solver. You will be glad to have him as your trusted advisor. His knowledge of water quality is impressive as well.
Meet Sammy Smith - Sammy is coming up on 5 years as one of Snider’s Riders. Sammy enjoys spending time with his family , 3-D archery and Bull Riding. Sammy always says ”when it’s too tough for anyone else it’s just getting right for me” He has a very grounded personality and you will be impressed with his communication skills as well as skillset.
Meet Chris - Chris enjoys spending time with his kids, his German Shepard and being a part time Chef. Chris has been one of Snider’s Riders for 17 years. Chris runs the waste water, septic evaluation and drain cleaning department. Chris is an AOSSO  “Alternative On-sight septic system operator”. He is a Master drain cleaner and camera operator. Chris is the one you want when you know what hits the fan.
Meet Joe - Joe has been one of Snider’s Riders for 1 year Joe enjoys raising his young family. And as a team they all participate in extreme go cart drag racing . Joe runs our water treatment division. His experience in water treatment is exceptional. He understands water chemistry and proper equipment applications. His attention to every detail is impeccable. His personality is one of instant trust. He has no wasted motion.
Meet Phil - Phil is coming up on 5 years as one of Snider’s Riders Phil enjoys spending time with his new wife and their dog. Phil is an expert when it comes to taking care of waste water issues. You will be impressed with his calm nature during what might be considered a catastrophic situation. His ability to use the pipe camera and locate the problem is a valuable skill . Phil solves the problem and then looks for the cause to prevent future problems.
Meet Jim - Jim has been one of Snider’s Riders for 22 years Jim enjoys traveling with his wife , spending time with his grandson , and racing go-carts. Jim is one of our team leaders as well as a top notch backhoe operator. Jim has his trademark in many mechanical rooms around this area . He is a true plumbing mechanic and passes on his knowledge to many of the younger apprentices on a daily basis.
Our apprentice Kyle is full of energy and is a very welcomed addition to our team

In the Office

Meet Sarah - Sarah has been one of Snider’s Riders for 13 years Sarah enjoys traveling with her husband , she loves her dogs and chickens Sarah job is to connect the right technician with the client within an hour or two. She juggles phones , computers, GPS , inspections , equipment logistics and everyone’s schedule every day. Her ability to multi-task is well above average. She is extremely pleasant to speak with and pays attention to the smallest detail. There are many moving parts in her world and she almost always smiles just like her picture.
Meet Karen - Karen enjoys her large family , her & her husband travel and she loves Christmas Karen has been one of Snider’s Riders for 15 years. Karen is our accounts manager. She stares at numbers all day long and still keeps a smile on her face. Keeping  financial efficiency & accuracy with so many moving parts is a challenging job that is handled well so you can rest assured your account is in good hands
Meet Judy - Judy has been one of Snider’s Riders for 14 years Judy enjoys her grandson , fishing , cooking and bowling Judy is our inventory manager. She makes sure we have what we need in all types of emergency situations . A few years ago she took on this role and now she knows every pipe size & fitting known to the industry. She keeps a very neat and efficient shop at all times. Come in and take a look at what makes a great Plumbing Company run smoothly.
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