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JR Snider | Water Treatment Sulfur Smell

HELP! My water smells like rotten eggs!

Water containing hydrogen sulfide usually does not pose a health risk but does give water a nuisance “rotten egg” smell…

JR Snider | Well Water

Owning A Home With A Well ~ What You Need To Know.

A home away from the hustle and bustle of city life is a dream come true for many families. But,…

JR Snider Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment Systems: Do I Need One?

Does your water have a funny, rotten egg-like smell to it? Does it leave white build-up on shower doors or…

Safe Drinking Water

Is Your Drinking Water is Safe?

One way to tell if your water is safe to drink is to use your senses. If the water smells…

JR Snider | Wellhead Faucet

Spring Weather Means Getting The Garden Ready

One of my favorite things to do in the spring is to get back outside and working in the garden….

Water Softeners

Can I Use A Water Softener When I Have A Septic System?

Studies on the relationship between a water softener and septic system have gone as far back as the 70’s, through…

acid water, corrosive pipes, plumbing problems, JR Snider Plumbing

Could Acid Water Be Ruining Your Pipes?

Just how does acid water affect our plumbing systems? Our plumbing systems hot and cold water pipes and faucet are made of…

JR Snider | Private Well Water

7 Signs That You May Have A Problem With Your Private Well

When you get your water from a private well instead of from a public source, the water your family uses…

JR Snider | Water Filtration System

Does a Home Water Filtration System Save You Money?

Water is considered to be one of the essential elements of life and needs to go through a filtering process…

JR Snider Plumbing Hot Water Heater

How to Remove Sediment from Your Hot Water Heater

A water heater’s typical life expectancy is nine years or more. One way to possibly extend the life of your…